Two effective ways of training your kid’s brain

how to train and educate a good and proper child is to use fun learning methods, do not make children tense while learning because it will be in vain, children will be more difficult in receiving and absorbing what they get. And here are some ways that can be used in training and educating the child’s brain to be smart and smart. In the meantime, you can also try foam puzzles for toddlers for giving a good toy for your child, which supports the development of his or her brain.

Train children by learning new technology. Give an understanding of the science that he likes that can be applied using technology, such as learning to draw using applications that exist on a computer or laptop but still limit its use. By learning to use the media then the kids will be very happy and their thinking response will also be faster.

Aside from that, providing reward or reward for the success of the child may be made as long as it is not excessive. And the gift given is in the form of objects that can support the child becomes more enthusiasm in learning. In addition to gifts, children also need to be given sanctions or punishment for mistakes they make, such as late learning time, forget the time for playing, and so forth. And of course, the punishment given is the law that educates and not the punishment that makes children become deterrent or fear.