When your air conditioner becomes smelly

The bad smell was not only from waste. Some of our electronics can produce odor. The washing machine smells because of soaking water that is too long, Refrigerator smell because the type of food we store smells sharp, then what about air conditioning? AC smells unpleasant can spread the scent that makes the nose wedged hands everywhere, even up to the corners of the room. When this happens, perhaps you need to call the trusted aircon service near you.

The odor of the air conditioner does not come from the presence of a small fire on the AC components as it may have been thought by some lay people. The first cause of odor in air conditioners is from bacteria and fungi that accumulate in the dirty evaporator due to AC never cleaned. Even if the odor is very stinging, it needs cleaning with chemical fluids to smell it completely and all germs are eradicated. The second cause of odor on air conditioner comes from leakage of refrigerant and oil that comes out and mixed with the air out. To overcome this need to be done leak repair on the evaporator and cleaning service so that oil out of the evaporator clean and does not cause odor.