Here are Some Tips For Choosing A Good Tent

Ultralights climbing style is now increasingly used by many people. This is because this climbing style keeps safety at number one but carries lightweight equipment. A large number of people who want to make the climb with this style makes them need a tent that can protect them from the various weather but still light to carry. One type of this tent is the ultralight tent. You can get the best ultralight tents at

However, to choose a tent, you also need to know how. Here will be discussed how to choose the right tent for you who will do the climb with ultralight style.

• Capacity
Choose a tent that fits the capacity of the person who will participate. This is certainly related to the needs of you and your friends. A tent can usually accommodate two to six people in it. However, you must also aware that everyone has different needs in the tent.

• Cover Tent
You are advised to use the flysheet in the tent you use, the flysheet is a waterproof sheet mounted on the outside of the tent. The function of this tool is to hold rainwater and the heat of the sun so as not to direct about the tent and everyone in it. The best material for flysheets today is the polyester material. It is also used by many people.

• Alum Tent
The best tents that a person can choose are not those made from tarps as many people think. However, the best tent base is an ultralight or nylon type that is more able to hold water that drips the tent.

• High Tents
For you who will climb mount with a strong wind. You are advised to use a tent with a maximum height of one meter. This is to avoid the wind to keep the tent not collapsed. However, if you are going to climb a mountain that is not too high, then you can bring a tent with a height below that height. This is to make you not carry excessive capacity because it will waste a lot of energy.