Recognize Diabetes Disease with These Symptoms

Many diseases are related to blood sugar is one of the diseases that many people suffer because blood sugar is far above normal. As a long-term illness, many diabetics choose to run various treatments to treat the disease. To find out if you and the people around you are suffering from this disease or not, there are some symptoms of diabetes that you need to recognize.

1. Often feel thirsty,
2. Frequent urination at night,
3. Very high hunger,
4. Weight loss for no apparent reason,
5. Fatigue.

If you have felt some of these symptoms, it’s good to have you go to a doctor to get the right treatment. Diabetes itself has two types, namely, type 1 diabetes and type 2. Type 1 diabetes develops rapidly within a few weeks or even days. While type 2 diabetes is usually not recognized by the sufferer over the years a year because of symptoms that are not specific.

The Reason Why Diabetics Lose the Weight

As said, what ‘s available on the Penyakit Diabetes can help individuals to solve health problems, including diabetes. Is there anyone near you who has diabetes? Do you notice her weight? Perhaps you often see people with diabetes who had normal weight as most people, but gradually look thinner. Yes, this can happen, although some people with diabetes also have a body fat. How can diabetes cause skinny?

Diabetics have problems with their insulin function. Insulin is the hormone the body needs to convert sugar (glucose) in the blood into energy. In normal people, the body can convert sugar into energy well. Insulin is produced by the body in sufficient quantities, so as to utilize the sugar in the blood as well as energy. However, in diabetics, the body produces insulin in less amount or can also be excessive but the body does not respond to insulin well so that insulin is not able to convert sugar into energy efficiency. As a result, blood sugar levels rise.