Do’s and Don’ts after Fire!

– Limit movement inside the house. Because every movement you do in the house will make the remaining particles of fire into the couch or carpet. It would be better if you immediately wash your carpet at

– Keep your hands clean by not touching too many walls or other burning areas.
-Laid clean towels or used cloth on the carpet and sofa.
-If the power dies from a fire, immediately empty the contents of the refrigerator and leave the door open.
-If you have an ornamental plant, then immediately clean the leaf side of the plant from the remains of a fire.

-Try to clean the walls and the fires yourself without waiting for a team of experts.
-Try to clean the carpet yourself using shampoo without help from the expert team.
-Trying to clean the various electronic devices themselves without the help of a team of experts.
– Eat foods adjacent to the fire location, as they may be contaminated.