Providing Early Stimulation Is the Key of Smart and Talented Children’s

Early stimulation is a stimulus done since the newborn (even better since the fetus aged six months) to stimulate all sensory systems (hearing, sight, touch, touch, and tasting). Early stimulation should be done daily. One of the easiest ways is when they are playing; you can provide games that can stimulate their stimulation such as game building blocks for kids.

Apart from that, the stimulation that is done from birth continuously can spur the intelligence of children in various aspects. Starting from mathematical logic, emotional maturity, ability to communicate and speak, musical intelligence, motion, visuospatial, fine arts, and others.

Stimulation for intelligent children should be given in a pleasant atmosphere. Do not give stimulation in a hurry and with coercion. Do not impose your will, for example when the baby wants to play something else. Negative emotional stimuli such as being angry or bored will be remembered by the child causing fear to your child. In order for the child to be smart and well developed, provide early stimulation with affection and joy.