Ulcer Can Cause Death

Many think that ulcer disease can be cured easily enough with gastritis medication. Well, never underestimate this disease. The gastric disease is one of the many diseases suffered by people because unhealthy lifestyles such as irregular eating patterns and eating lots of foods that can cause stomach acid increases. Increased stomach acid will cause a burning sensation at the bottom of the chest caused by the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus. Stomach acid rises can cause unbearable pain and difficulty breathing in the chest area. Not only irritate the stomach wall, excessive stomach acid is also hurt part of the esophagus and the area of ??the digestive system. If not treated immediately this disease is at risk of causing death. Stomach acid can indeed be life-threatening. Some common symptoms that usually appear are pain or pain in the chest and abdomen, bitter at the base of the mouth or go to the throat. if you have experienced these signs, you are advised to immediately go to fortis hospital bannerghatta.

Not many hospitals are able to accommodate public health well. Currently fortis hospital Bannerghatta is committed to making progress on public health, one of which is by holding a capacity of 276 beds and has tertiary care facilities specifically for 40 specialties such as cardiology, cardiac surgery and much more. More than 12,000 people each month regain their chance of life after treatment at Fortis hospital Bannerghatta. To prevent the ulcer until it occurs, the most important thing is you should always eat regularly. Do not underestimate irregular eating patterns. Each year the cases of this disease continue to increase. This is due to unhealthy eating patterns and bad habits of smoking. If you have gastrointestinal disease, usually patients will consult a doctor, then do a blood test. Usually, doctors will also be assisted with endoscopic equipment. Endoscopy itself is one of the medical equipment that serves to scan or observe abnormalities or diseases of the digestive organs. This equipment is equipped with a micro camera connected to the computer.