These Features You Can Get If Using a MacBook Pro

Macbook does always have advantages over other brand laptops. For that, you should take care of your MacBook if you do not want bad things to happen on your MacBook especially if you have a MacBook Pro. But, if your MacBook pro already has some annoyances, you can take it to BreakFixNow in Singapore. They have a macbook pro repair service that can handle any damage to your MacBook Pro.

Macbook pro does have some features that you can use and very helpful for your work.

1. Larger Screen Size. Although the MacBook Pro has a thin size, it has a screen of 13inci and 15inci. This will make it easier for you to do tasks, do designs, edit photos and other things.

2. Good Processor. The processor on MacBook Pro is sophisticated. Many options that you can choose and tailored to your needs. Macbook pro memory uses Intel Core i7 2.7Ghz quad-core, 16 GB RAM, and USB Type-c port.

3. TouchBar feature. Touchbar is a screen ad on the over the ranks of keyboards and presented to replace the keyboard function. This touch bar just needs to be touched and it will work perfectly.