Tricks to Create Articles That Able to Appear On Google Top

1. Create a complete and lengthy article
Make your article as long and as complete as possible (Minimum 400-500 Words), But do not overdo it by entering keywords and avoid repetitive words. Some webmasters and Google also agreed to say that “Content is King”. If your article is useful and useful the possibility of readers will be happy to read on your blog. It has a direct effect on the Duration of the Article Serving Session. The longer Duration Session then the more potential blog articles appears on Google at the top. Well, to create a quality article it will be better if you use Spinjutsu text spinner. Try also to keep the visitor on your blog after reading the article they are looking for. The trick is to create “Related articles” or “Related Post” in the middle or after the article. It is intended that visitors are interested to read other articles and Reduce Bounce Rate. A good Bounce Rate is between 50% down, the smaller means the better.

2. Research and Set Titles, Themes and Topics are Right and Fit
The main thing to note is the selection of article titles. For beginner bloggers who have blogs or websites that are young or young, you should choose Keyword or Keywords that are low competitive but much sought after and weighted. The way is easy, you just type the Title of the article you want in Google and see the results, if the search results do not show what you type, then the title is potential to be No.1 in Google. If your article succeeds to be the first in Google, it is very useful for the future so that your blog rating increases in the eyes of search engines. And After the rating increases then PV (Page Views) will also increase. With the increase of Page Views then Rank Blog on Alexa will continue to increase, The smaller the number of rank Alexa then the better the quality of a website or blog.