Choosing a watch based on your skin color

For those who have white/bright wrists (fair-skinned or white skin) can freely use watches without any color restrictions. This is because the owner of brightly colored skin is suitable with almost any color, especially bright colors (striking) such as pink, bright red, black, brown, or other contrasting colors that can create a unique impression on the hand. Aside from that, there are also some watches that suitable for the wearer’s activities like the best triathlon watches for bike riders.

For skin owners who are color (not too dark and also not too bright) is somewhat the same as the owner of a brightly colored skin. This is because the skin with a medium color is suitable to use any type of clock.

But to note, it is good for the skin owner is to first match the color of the clock that will be worn with the color and clothing patterns to match even though not exactly, but if it will be much better matched.

For the owner of dark skin color or brown dense brown should be careful in choosing the color of the watch. The selection of striking colors like yellow, shocking pink, red, and lime green can give the impression that is too contrasty. However, in the African-American fashion is usually the striking colors are a favorite, of course, offset by confident watch users.

For those of you who are not very confident and want a universal look, choose colors such as cream color, red heart, and light gray. Avoid striking dark colors such as black, dark brown, to dark gray that will keep your watch disguised or drowned by your skin tone

Hopefully, an article on Choosing Watches Customizing With These Hand Characteristics can give you a bit of enlightenment before choosing and buying a favorite watch. May be useful.