These Two Things You Need To Look For In Choosing Domains

Now, to market a product or increase website traffic, one just needs to use SEO techniques that can work well on the websites they own. The right SEO techniques will be able to make their website be visited by many visitors who search for keywords that are relevant to what they are making. Jasa SEO Jakarta is one of the providers of SEO services that can create the right SEO for a website.

SEO also will not work properly if not assisted with the domain on the right website. In choosing a domain name, you also can not choose it in vain. There are several things to note in choosing a domain name, such as

– Do not Use Free Domains
The right reason for this is because free domains are often used by websites or blogs that generate spam and will be banned by Google within a certain period of time.

– Make Sure That Domain Name Is Easy To Remember
This is an important thing to facilitate you in promoting your blog or website. It also deals with an offline promotion that you do.